Health professionals

As a health professional, it is vital to be well informed about the scientific facts behind climate change and our food supply, as well the effects of our food consumption on carbon emissions.

For detailed information on this topic, check out our page on Food Guidelines for a Sustainable Environment. Here you can read about the key changes required to reduce carbon emissions relating to food.
In addition to becoming familiar with the Food Guidelines for a Sustainable Environment, you might be interested in our Eco-friendly Catering Guidelines. These guidelines will assist you and your stakeholders to become aware of the impact of food choices when organising a catered event, in any part of your work, and will help you to create a fabulous environmentally friendly affair!

Keep up to date with why breastfeeding is the best choice for the environment, as well as for mother and baby.

Of course, the best way to increase your ability to promote healthy, environmentally friendly eating as a health professional is to consider your own eating habits and lead by example! Challenge yourself and your colleagues to take the four week Eco-friendly Food Challenge to really understand how to reduce your food related carbon footprint.